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 MudClan's History and Traits

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MudClan's History and Traits Empty
PostSubject: MudClan's History and Traits   MudClan's History and Traits EmptyMon Dec 23, 2013 10:45 pm

Long before BrightStar was the leader there was a leader named WetStar. He was the leader. Badgers and twolegs started appearing in their territory and the badgers clawed many kits and warriors. Twolegs messed with the dens. The deputy of MudClan had gone insane and pushed WetStar off a cliff. The deputy's cover was blown and all the warriors found out it was him. They all worked together to defeat him and succeeded. Though out many moons two-legs captured kits and scared off other warriors. BrightKit was the only kit who survived. She was a new born at the time. BrightKit's small body was hidden under moss. As she grew up, she took remaining food from the fresh-kill pile and hid every time a two-leg or a badger came into camp. She taught herself to hunt and fight and she finally became 18 moons after seasons and moments passed. Her hard work had finally payed off. She declared herself leader and plans to gain more members and rebuild MudClan's old self.

Traits: MudClan cats never give up. They avoid battle and are talented. MudClan cats won't make a big deal out of little things and accidents. They're calm and uncommonly mad. MudClan likes making friends and only goes into battle when needed.
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MudClan's History and Traits
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