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PostSubject: Quailwhisker - Sunclan   Quailwhisker - Sunclan EmptyMon Jan 13, 2014 8:42 am

Name: Quailwhisker

Age: 25 moons

Eyes: Her eyes are a piercing, icy blue.

Fur: Quailwhisker is a silver tabby she-cat. Her tabby markings are more of a black than a darker silver. Her ear-tips, tail-tips, and paws are black. She has a v-nicked ear, but no other scars. Her fur is short but very soft to touch and fluffy, though she likes to keep it groomed sleek.

Gender: She-cat

Rank Wanted(Do  NOT Sign up for high ranks): Warrior

Mate/Kits(MUST Join): None.

Personality: This she-cat is quite shy and will tend not to talk, especially if it's a tom cat whom she takes a liking too. When she does talk her words can be stuttering and always a bit quiet, she is often reprimanded for this by others as they make fun of her. Her biggest fear is loving someone then losing them. This is the same reason why she is very wary on the thought of having a mate and a family. She fears that if she has kits they will die. Since it's not easy to keep their fragile lives from breaking in this harsh land. But what she fears and tries to keep herself away from, she secretly desires. She would love to have a mate and family, but her fears keep her from allowing anyone too close. The same goes with friends.

History: Her parents, Duskmist and Sagewhisker, met when they were warriors. They were good friends for nearly half their like, but didn't develop feelings until later in life. They waited a while to have kits, and only produced a single litter as her mother, Duskmist, died during birthing. The size of the litter, was small, but she was weak at that time..

The single kit  - in honor of their mother - and Jadekit, who died with their mother. The litter was raised by a queen, Frostleaf, who only produced a single kit, who passed away soon after Quailkit was made Quailpaw.

Frostleaf, a pure white cat with amber eyes, was very sweet to them, and raised them as her own. She often told stories of their mother - as they had been close friends- , so it was as if they knew her, when they really never met her. Each kit see's Frostleaf as their won mother, but holds their birth mother in a special place in their heart.

Their father was distant for the first few months of their lives, but loved them just the same. You could see it in his eyes. Many say he was just torn over their mothers death, which was the obvious truth.

She was the leader of the six kits. Since a young age, she held a maturity and strong sense of responsibility. Even so, her adventurous nature - which she soon lost when she got older -  got them in trouble quite a few times. Despite this, they got away with more 'quests', as they called them, then they were caught doing.

Apprentice-ship was a blur to Quailpaw. She remembers her mentor, a new warrior  as blunt, but with a good sense of humor. She had a crush on him, but never told. All the lessons of hunting and fighting flew by and she was made into a warrior.

As soon as her warrior ceremony was over, Quailwhisker felt a strong sense of accomplishment. She promised from then on to live her life as a warrior to the fullest. Not only for herself, but for her mother, who's life was stole.

RP Sample(First entry only): The slender little calico was still sleeping peacefully in her sleep, enjoying the warmth of her mossy bed. Her breathing rose up and down evenly, making white puffs coming out of her pink nose, due to the chilly air. Her expression seemed relaxed, and just by looking, it was a dreamless sleep. There was a occasional flick of her ears, but there was no movement to the calico. It was like she was dead to the world. Yet, with the amount of noise and activity going on, she felt herself flicker her eyes open tiredly, and gave a long, good stretch of her back. Feeling that she had slept enough, she curled her tail around her paws, and began cleaning herself. Her fur was scruffy from the long nap, but there was nothing major. She treasured her looks a lot, but she isn't as shallow as that. She is a determined cat, and is fiercely protective of who she loved. If there was any left... Emberpool thought bitterly. A memory floods to her mind. I can type a lot like this, actually a lot more, but I guess I should stick around here.

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PostSubject: Re: Quailwhisker - Sunclan   Quailwhisker - Sunclan EmptyMon Jan 13, 2014 6:45 pm

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