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 My Charries Deathes

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My Charries Deathes Empty
PostSubject: My Charries Deathes   My Charries Deathes EmptyMon Dec 30, 2013 3:45 pm

So I have to leave this site, since my mother is deciding to block proboards, and I only have access to one of the sites on here, and that site is mine. So I want my characters to die in a certain way, unless someone is going to look into adopting them.

RainFeather~ She will just simply leave Mudclan since she has not been active for a loonng time

Pebblekit~ He will die of kitcough

Reedkit~Spottedthorn may find another roleplayer for him.

Birchfire~ Is anyone willing to go on a hunt, then encounter a badger where it snaps Birch's neck?
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My Charries Deathes
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