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 Rouges/Loner Border With SunClan

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Rouges/Loner Border With SunClan Empty
PostSubject: Rouges/Loner Border With SunClan   Rouges/Loner Border With SunClan EmptyWed Dec 25, 2013 10:18 pm

Panther the pitch black loner smirked as he padded down the SunClan border his green eyes holding a challenging look as he stared at it his tail lashing back and forth

Rouges/Loner Border With SunClan Silenc10

"The Roar Of The Fierce Shall Determine Who Shall Lead The Clan That Shines Bright"
~ SunClan's Prophecy
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Rouges/Loner Border With SunClan
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