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 a story without a name(quite litteraly,, no name yet :P)

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a story without a name(quite litteraly,, no name yet :P) Empty
PostSubject: a story without a name(quite litteraly,, no name yet :P)   a story without a name(quite litteraly,, no name yet :P) EmptySun Dec 29, 2013 8:38 pm


There is darkness in this world that remains hidden from man-kind.. As we all know, there is "evil" and "good" in this world, the world blankets us with a white sheet and pacifies us with the sweet melody of nature.  Humans are blind to the darkness and pure evil that lurks around them, entities that hold the power to destroy a whole universe. The thoughts that ran through these paranormal creatures was that of darkness..  These /creatures/ feed off of hate, anger, sadness, pain... and even.... happiness, yes, because these creatures are pure, ones that had roamed the earth for centuries upon centuries.   They had owned the world, living in peace until humans had decided to invade their daily lives... They were pushed away into this 'darkness' dubbed as evil; once dubbed this, these creatures developed into what they are today... Locked in this darkness like an animal in a cage, the only way they could ever escape is through a tear, just a crack, a messily opening that was created by humans.. or maybe a spiritual beast that had broke free before the time of their demise; Creatures such as lycan, vampires, centaurs, monsters, dragons, demons, spiritual creatures and witches... All built on the structure of hate towards the human race, their only wish - gain what is rightfully theirs.  When they were pushed away, two worlds were created within the one.. One built on peace and the other  built on hate. Though, one creature was above all, a shadowborn someone  that claimed the name; William Maelstrom.

The shadow born, being the 'Bastard child of Satan himself" rules over the darkness, being dubbed 'king' because of his ability to control vampires and werewolves that lurk within the darkness.  Being in a family of eight brothers and sisters, William Maelstrom grasped control and kept it as his.

Before all this, the spiritual creatures lived as peaceful creatures and always avoided confrontation, Sephtis, a spirit dragon, was a butler to a high-ranking family in the spiritual creatures 'world'.. The daughter, Meko and Sephtis has a bond. As the world pushed the creatures into the darkness it created, several died, this included the family Sephtis worked for, leaving the little girl Meko alive and parentless. Taking her as his, Sephtis soon gained the rank 'leader' of all spiritual beasts.  Most, after being dubbed evil fled and left the spirits who refused to leave their peaceful nature behind.  Now, Sephtis tried his hardest to keep the peace between his people and the other 'beasts' that lived among them.  Each spiritual beast had their own; Meko was a wolf spirit, Nex a fox, Ry a cat, and Sephtis a dragon.  Nex was a close friend to Sephtis ever since they were little, Nex takes on the personality of his creature, he is very sly and cunning, one that is a trickiest at heart; he hates confrontation but yearns to get into trouble and to receive his revenge on the humans, his hatred towards them is strong but the willingness to stay connected with his friends is stronger.  As mentioned before, all the spiritual beasts were of kind nature, some would only enter in fights if need be..

The Centaurs on the other hand loved confrontation, they were evil minded and sought to kill anything that got in their way.  The leader of the Centaurs went by the name of Xesus. The power he held was evenly matched by his most hated enemy... Sephtis, the only one that was able to beat him, his hatred for Sephtis started way before the time of Darkness and rapidly grew as time went on, once entering the Darkness, it continued to grew even faster then before.. Xesus was looked up to by all the Centaurs that lived, though small numbers of Centaurs followed Xesus, he had a large army, one that killed off many species during the time the world pushed them back into the dark; actually, he is the reason for Meko's parents deaths, he is cruel hearted and filled with hate. Having grown up with parents just like him he was much worse then any other dark creatures, teaming his 'army' with those of the demons, his power grew as did his hate for all creatures lurking in the dark.

a story without a name(quite litteraly,, no name yet :P) 2nlzrkj  SilenceFire of SunClan

a story without a name(quite litteraly,, no name yet :P) 2a0f8jo FlamingGlare of SunClan
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a story without a name(quite litteraly,, no name yet :P)
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