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 Rules Before Posting

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PostSubject: Rules Before Posting    Sat Dec 28, 2013 5:09 pm

Hello! Wanting to post your awesome forums here? Great but here are a first few things you need to know ;D ! Please read before posting, if you fail to meet one of the rules your topic will be deleted !

1) Be sure that your forum(s) relate to our Rping.. so if our forum is about cats your forum must also be about cats. This is to ensure that our role players keep their cat rping in tack :3

2) Make sure if your posting your forum as advertising that you MUST allow us to advertise on your site as well. If not then your post will be sadly, deleted

3) Make sure you forum is age friendly, such as no bad language and harassing is not allowed on your forum.

Format to post your forum ;

-> About your add? background information and such

-> Link


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Rules Before Posting
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