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 A sad love story >.<

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A sad love story >.< Empty
PostSubject: A sad love story >.<   A sad love story >.< EmptyFri Dec 27, 2013 7:49 pm

Here is a story i made about two wolves. 1 is a prince the other an omega and they where best friends. I don't want to spoil it so read! Enjoy!


Long time ago two packs were once one, whole. They where lead by the great and powerful Sharoon. He was old, yes but that didn't stop him from leading this powerful pack. They where known as The Deli Pack. Yet all this changed when evil was born, the grandson of Sharoon was young and bold though he lacked compassion and knowlage. As he grew Sharoon seen darkness in his soul though the grandfather did not want to think his grandson was evil did he ignore the warning. A fatle move yes. As Damien grew he lost all his compassion and grew bloodthristy for power. One day when he was a young lad he plotted his victoryous plan to win Leadership. At the age of 2 years did he play it out. He Started out by saying loners where in the packs territory and needed to speak with Sharoon. As he did so his grandfather left to be ambushed by the loners. Damien pretended to find his dead body and carry it back to the pack. He did so and the pack was lost and started fighting. Half of the pack did not believe Damien. This went on for days and wolves started killing each other. Damien finally called a stop for there was a choice in leadership by the pack. "Howl if you vote for me as your new ruler!" many howls did apply but half of the pack did not. "Bark if you wish for Shanti to lead you!" he growld his sisters name. Half the pack applyed "Alright the ones who voted for me, follow. The others stay here and die!" he growld before dissapearing with his new pack. From that day Shanti led the Deli Pack and Damien Ruled the Crimson Pack.

Chapter 1


The mother she-wolf layed in the nersury. She was plump with pups and was ready to have them. She seen something flicker at the edge of her gaze moving her head did she see the hermit. "Ah, its just you Aleera. you looked like a bager from my veiw."
snorting did "A bager?! My lady I think you've had too much poppy seeds."
"Well you are black and white. Wheres Daven?" She replied cooly
"Hunting patrol." She said while putting her paws on the Alphass belly. "They should be here shortly. She said happily "They? you mean theres more then one?"
"Did Ash tell you one? Well yes My Lady two." Hours passed before Daven came in time to see his two newborn pups. "OOH! Gosh im a dad!" He yelped with glee
"Yes two... and there boys" Aleera replied "What are you going to name them?"
"Anxiety and Track..." came the drowsy Alphass voice. "She needs sleep, stay with her Daven. I need to check on another litter... Ash delivered so I better check and see whom they are." She said with a grin and grunt. "Aye, you better. Who knows how Ash is doing." Daven joked before laying down with his mate and two pups. His last thoughts where 'Track and Anxiety.... Track shall be the knew come heir....' and then he was asleep.

This is not all I just don't want to make something and nobody reads it. But inoreder for me to make the second Chapter called "Friends" I would like to have atleast 5 compliments just to see if i should make the other Chapters. I hope you enjoyed it!

By: Nova!

A sad love story >.< Images43-Wishingfeather
A sad love story >.< 2013-110-Crimsonfur

Name: Crimsonfur
Age:16 moons
Clan: MudClan
Gender: Male
Love interest: Your bluffing right?

Name: Wishingfeather
Age:18 moons
Clan: LightningClan
Gender: female
Love interest: Not yet....
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A sad love story >.< Empty
PostSubject: Re: A sad love story >.<   A sad love story >.< EmptySat Dec 28, 2013 8:21 am

Kewlio! :3

Key- Female,male.

BrightStar, MudClan

PuddleKit, LightningClan

WindyFur, SunClan

SharpFang, MudClan

Rushing, loner
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A sad love story >.<
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